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1. tset (23 September 2022)
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2. My Testimonial with ! - Mohd Firdaous Bin Mohd Izhar - Executive Sous Chef , Ritz Carlton Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (6 January 2009)
I, Mohd Firdaous Bin Mohd Izhar, am a member of since August 2007. I got to know via a forwarded email, while I was working with The Rizqun International Hotel, Brunei Darussalam.

Reasons of signing up with HostE Solutions are to explore the opportunities with others properties and interest to expand my career prospectus. I was also looking for an opportunity to be relocated back home - Malaysia !

I have recommended my friends/relatives/circles to use this efficient website, Mr Irwan Goh, General Manager, Mr Sazli Nazim, Junior Sous Chef, Mr Faizal, Sous Chef and many more.

I do gain a good and tremendous experience with HostE Solutions since, and my fruitfull experience is my current employer has entrusted me via HostE Solutions.

The uniquness of HostE Solutions are the establishment always create good awareness to the employees and always care and share ideas and experiences.

I am certainly proud to be with HostE Solutions and would like to strengthen my network and friendship via this extraordinary and well exposed establishment.

I will certainly keep myself connected with, even if I am not looking for any job in particular. I would be thrilled to be connected to see the opportunities and the developments of the hotel world and sharing the good news around!

Thank you !

Yours faithfully,
Mohd Firdaous Bin Mohd Izhar
Executive Sous Chef
The Ritz Carlton Kuala Lumpur
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3. Bon Voyage, Safe Journey to Dubai! Lawrence (1 October 2005)
Bon Voyage !

Our successful candidate, Lawrence Matthew, jetted Emirates Airlines to Dubai on 29th September pursuing his career with Jumeirah International Hotel, Dubia, UAE.

HostE Solutions would like to wish him the very best for his first job and we look forward for him making Malaysia proud.

Well done! Lawrence.

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